I am a platform and brand strategist currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been working in digital marketing since 2012, and being predominantly in-house and platform oriented thus far allowed me the opportunity to learn about many aspects of my field and the businesses that I work with that I might not have been exposed to otherwise. From tech startups, a global FMCG brand, and some of the largest international platforms and brands, I have found that my true interest and passion lies in how it all works, and putting it all together.

After 6 years in my field and 8 months in my current role, a love of analytics, a problem-solving mind and a meticulously organised nature has seen me taking a more active role as a project manager and strategist. I’m looking to capitalise on my organisational and digital skills to move into a more management-oriented way of thinking and working.

My background includes architecture and interior design, as well as experience in the insurance and financial sectors. While seemingly contradictory, in my line of work they’ve become ultimately complementary. It means I’m able to understand the challenges and requirements of a wide range of fields, and that great customer service is paramount. My professional experience in different industries has allowed me to bring a broader skill set to the table – I’m able to be both the team champion as well as rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty.

Due to my experience operating in several disciplines of marketing in more recent years, I am uniquely equipped to be a valuable liaison between clients and my team, from the briefing stage through to successful implementation. Having had to strategise, brief, create and roll out a number of projects simultaneously, I am experienced in corresponding directly with various stakeholders and suppliers, as well as successfully managing relationships with clients and external vendors.

I am comfortable adapting to existing processes as well as reacting quickly and adeptly to changing circumstances. In short, I’m your guy. If you would like to read more about what Pretty Neat Pretty Cool is all about and what to expect from this site, please click through to this post – feel free to leave comments!


In a nutshell, I take your brand and make it live – online and offline. In a slightly larger nutshell, I offer digital strategy; brand, community, and social media management and customer service.

I believe in proactive client management and utilizing team member’s strengths to ensure the best outcome for any project, digital or otherwise. While process is important, I also believe in the careful examination of the personalities that I work with. Creating an environment where individuals are comfortable communicating results in a more cohesive and productive team.

To see some of my work, please visit my blog. For a more thorough look at what my skills are, pop over to my Linkedin page. If you would like to contact me about potential freelance work in Cape Town or Johannesburg, please feel free to visit my Contact Page – I look forward to hearing from you!